Nentir vale

They headed out at the break of dawn, packing their cart and noticing the two heroes had not woken up, and after checking their pulse found it strong and steady, which confused the well rested heroes.

Upon reaching the Albridge, they come to the stables to rest their donkeys as they scout the village for information.
After handing over the reins, they explain the holes in the cart was due to the Iron circle shooting at them, to which the stable keeper explains that many people in the town are very restless with the coming of the mercenary bandits, and decide that they will do something about it.

“If you wish to help, come to my stable house, after midnight”

Rai picks the cart up, and pulls it towards the smithy as the rest follow on foot, where they find a dwarf hard at work.
Flirting, and exchanging their knowledge of blacksmithing, and boasting of his bravery fighting the Iron Circle for the weapons and armour they were exchanging, Yump secured the party a reasonable price for the equipment.
After business is settled, she explains in muted tones that the stable-keep was organising something after dusk in his house beside the stables.

Walking out with a fair share of gold, they each headed their own directions.
Alexander goes to talk to the sage of the village, where he discussed secrets, and spoke of religion.
Rai dragged the cart along to talk to carpenter, looking for an upgrade and to haggle, While Yump decided to stay and work at the Smithy, where he nurtured the flames of the forge and pounded the metal.
Afterwards, Alexander goes to the Carpenter to meet up with Rai, while Rai walks towards the Tavern, and meeting, Alexander explains that tunnels run under the town, and Rai complains about Carriage prices. They walk towards the tavern to meet up with Crash who went to see if he could pick up any secrets or rumours.

“I’ll head towards the Smithy, check on yump, see if he got into any trouble” said Alexander, heading down a side path, while Rai continued on.

Up ahead, Crash had just walked into the Mallard Tavern, accidentally walking straight into a group of Iron Circle troubling the barman, numbering just over half a dozen.
One near the door turns around, seeing Crash and his weapons.

“Please hand over your weapons, noone is allowed Weapons in Tor’s Hold apart from the Iron Circle” Said the Bandit.

Seeing himself easily outnumbered, and not sure if he would even get reinforcements, Crash says:
“Nope.” before suddenly turning around, closing the tavern door and throwing a fog just outside the door, and running around the corner before the Soldiers even realized what had happened.

They opened the door and the magical Fog started to seep into the Tavern, as they tried to run out into it. Scattered, they desperately looked for a way out, while Crash started to put on his cloak around the corner.
Rai had seen The Magical Fog, and decided to go around the building avoiding the fog, knowing only his friend could’ve summoned this.

He accidentally walked into him changing, and with a smile Took out his own Spare Iron Circle Cloak, and Wrapped it around him, and not a moment sooner when he heard a voice come stumbling out the fog asking IRONCLOAK! Where did he run to?”

Pointing the opposite direction, Rai yelled “HE RAN THAT WAY, hearing a chorus of “AFTER HIM” yelled repeatedly from within the fog, unable to smile as Crash slipped into the tavern’s back door and the enemy Ran circles confused.

Before he could follow, a few soldiers had cornered him, and believing him to be one of them, asked him if he was the one who say where he ran, replied that he did, and would lead them towards them.

Knowing this would be the path Alexander took from the smithy, Rai went in the direction of the smithy hoping to cut him off, and kill the guards following him if complications arose.

Alexander heard the thumping of multiple feet coming in semi-march, and seeing his Comrade’s shape come around the corner dressed as one of the Iron Circle, hid behind a building and donned his own spare cloak, then briskly caught up and asked what was going on, and being informed that a hairy person with a bow and daggers had entered the tavern and fled in a lucky flash of fog.

Rai said we should perhaps visit the smithy, see if the enemy fled there, and with a half-smile at Alexander, headed in that direction.

Crash however, noticed some of the Iron circles who had not found Rai in time, and they had decided to reenter the inn.
Finding himself trapped in the back with the ale, stuck between the outside and the barman serving the lost confused Iron Circle angrily interrogating him about who that was.

Trying to sneak back outside, he ran straight into another lost Iron Circle, and managing to flip his hood low over his eyes, said he didn’t find him, but that he saw the rest inside talking to the barman.

The two of them headed inside, while…

Alexander and Rai Arrive at the Smithy, and with two heavy fisted knocks, ask them to open up.
{Dwarvina} opens up and in low tones asks “what is the matter?”

“We are looking for an escaped convict carrying two short swords and a bow”

Being pushed aside by the Small groups cocky leader, Rai took a step back and looked at Alexander.

“We’re coming inside” barked their commander, and pushing aside {Dwarvina} he made his way in, Alexander pushed in too, trying to stand in the way and seeing all the weapons the party sold salvaged from the mercenaries at the farm,The commander turned angrily at Dwarvina.

“Who sold you these? How did you get them?” he screamed.

Stepping forwards, Rai says that it was his groups weapons, that some of them broke and the smithy had offered to mend it.

Alexander agrees, saying he know Rai’s group well.

Looking smugly at {Dwarvina}, smiles and says
“Is that so? well it’s good enough work, for a dwarf”

Yump gets up, and looks at the commander with stink-eye.
Walking up to him, he says in low tones

“keep your mouth shut unless you it’s to ask for our favour or compliment this respectable lady”

“Watch your mouth Dwarf” Said the Commander, his voice breaking resolve, frightened of that gleam in his eye.

They stood there for half a minute, Staring Coldly at each other.
Respecting Yump’s Tenacity, Backs off sure of a stalemate.

“Alright, lets leave this rut of a hole and go back to the tavern, our culprit is most likely long gone, if he knows what’s good for him”

Whispering to Dwarvina that he needs to be excused, she understood and with a half smile and nod Said to go with them.

“Mind if I join you?” Yump says coldly.

“Sure, you can buy the first round”Replies the commander with austerity.

The party, under various different pretenses, all meet up in the tavern unexpectedly, and though they see each other, they stay seperate, as so if one cover is blown, that the rest aren’t discovered.
Though the bandits don’t have time to question it, they were filling themselves to the brink with ale, and slowly the party bled various trickles of information from their loose lips.

After buying the second or third round, The commander pats Yump on the back, and says

“You’re alright, for a dwarf. but hear hear, i’ve never seen you before, where do you hail from?”

“I’m coming down from Falcrest”

“oh really? Fallcresht? Our lord would very much like to hear new about Fallcresht, says he has much money for information, do you know anyone from fallcresht?”

“yes, myself. I’ve come up from there to work”

“Well, you should join our cara-hicup-caravan leaving tommorrow, you get paid for information” said the commander, drunkenly taking out his dagger “no really, I insist”

Smiling his vicious smile, Yump replied _" oh don’t worry, I graciously accept, in fact, I look forward to it."

Seeing that the hour was drawing near to midnight, each member of the party pulled a reason, and slowly, after ten minute intervals, they excused themselves one after the other.

Rai, being the last to leave, pulled the stupidiest excuse, sure that it wouldn’t matter to the drunkards at the tavern.

“Excuse me, I-I…I need to go sharpen my swords” he said, pushing his way out.

Arriving late, Rai did not hear how or why the voices were raised, and walking up beside Crash with his hand on his hilt, asked what was happening.

“We managed to hide and blend ourselves in with the merenaries, and have a chance to sneak in and kill Their lord Nazin without much difficulty, these rebels are asking our help to free other towns, steal looted taxes and unite all the villages of Harken for a war seige against Nazin’s castle. we’re trying to convince Larry Snartfart that We have better chances sneaking in then we do at all out war, which isn’t smart to begin with seeing as the Iron Circle are proffesionally trained soldiers, and these rebels want to fight with Rabble and Militia”

“These people are looking for the Glory of War that they hear sung about by bards in tutus” replied Yump.

“All they’ll find is a battlefield strewn across with the bodies of their comrades, if not their own as well, I suggest we leave this place and ignore their cries for a bloody civil war” agreed Rai, while Alexander argued Furiously with larry against the idea of war, agreeing that Lord Nazin should die for consulting with deamons.

With a sigh, The party retired to sleep in the barn, leaving Alexander to hammer out the fine points with Larry Snartfart.


Nice name Change archie, But don’t you think there was a serious LACK of tavern brawling? yes?

Mallard Inn

It was supposed to be tavern brawl. I have all the encounters premade, just putting them up as you go through them.

Mallard Inn

Well it didn’t turn out that way, so get with the story.
Don’t make the Adventurer’s fit the story, make the story fit the Adventurers and their decisions, otherwise this isn’t a role playing game, it’s just a Linear “lets roll dice” game.

Since you’re a good DM, you can simply change HOW the encounters occur without changing anything.

Mallard Inn

I’ll leave the names for now, makes it easier to reference with the book.

Mallard Inn

I believe the new title is more fitting, one for it’s more accurate, two because it’s a pun based on the name of the tavern and the fact we decieved it, and everyone in it.

Mallard Inn

First of all ask before you change something. Second, blue bear, what blue bear? Are you high and pink elephants are too mainstream for you?!

Mallard Inn

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