Nentir vale

Roast of a Fallen

That night as perpetration were being finished for the following mornings unrest, The group gathered together. Among the stars they all sat in a circle around a fire.
Everyone was tired, battered and bruised, some where in bits and some where excited due to new shoes, but everyone was there. Qin, Alexander, Narr, Yump and Crash.
“Crash, why during the all the preparations and planning did you call us out!”
“Two reasons: 1. We will give our fallen comrade a proper goodbye 2. One of our biggest battles together will take place tomorrow, one night of peace in all this chaos will do us some good, am I wrong?”
“He is right….” mumbled Narr, looking at his slippers, his mood had settled somewhat since the discovery of his magic boots. “Suppose we would each want a proper send off, it’s only fair we give on to _______”
Everyone stood, they all looked grim but proud.
Each one raised they’re choice of weapon in they’re right hand, pointing into the circle.
“He fought well!”Alexander spoke
“Fought violently”Yump agreed
“His Draconic was poor, got the job done” smirked Crash
“Excellent meat shield” Narr looked off into the distance, remembering the fights they had.
“He will be missed, tomorrow we purge those who took him!”Qin finished off.

Each person sat and drank for the next few hours, exchanging funny anecdotes, telling old story’s. The euphoria of the party lifted and everyone was closer…Hopefully the battle would not call for this again.



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