Nentir vale

Something ends, Something begins

The death of Saylex the half-elven

The party has envestigated the entrance to the wizard’s tower, defeating one gargoyle and routing the other.
After the skirmish, Alexander decided that the time was finnaly right and that the artifact of his god could no longer be allowed to rest in the hands of the unfaithful. He confronted Saylex, who tried to flee. The chase has led into an abandoned warehouse, where Saylex literally fell on top of the Carrion Crows mercenary company.
The blades-for-hire, under the leadership of noble wizard Montague Whitnail, have thrown the half-elf out through the baricaded front doors, not wanting to implicate themselves in a conflict they were not being payed for. The paladin and his henchmen then promptly dispatched the fey warrior, seizing his belongings.
Meanwhile, the party rogue was performing a daring reconnaissance by following the fled gargoyle through the trap door at the top of the tower. Inside, he discovered a robed figure of undead complexion and the bearings of an arcane spellcaster.



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