Nentir vale

The wolves and the fire.

Wading straight into the fight, the wolves and goblins tougher than the ones they fought before, more aware, ducking and dodging the fighter’s swings, probably due to the fact some were still afire.
Akasha quickly cast a spell, healing Crash and waking him from his unconscious rest.
Hurling fire and a hail of arrows, crossbow bolts whizzing through the air, they were the only things that seemed to find their mark.
Though they saw and dodged the shining blades that Alexander, Yump and Rai swung, they didn’t see the black bolts shimmer into their chest, back and heads.
The fierce battle didn’t last long, but the sense of dread lingered. They could hear the thumping of an angry hoard running towards the flaming barn. Crash ran to the edge and looked down the road, seeing the torches and glowing red dust the army raised.

“We can’t cross the road!” yelled Crash over the rumble and roaring fire.

“We have to run through the barn! Hurry!” yelled Alexander.

They rushed into the barn, sprinting straight and trying to avoid the roof that came crashing down in ruins of fire.
Broken Boards fell onto Rai’s head, a crown of fire that didn’t last long.
Some had fallen on Melara too, but her demonic skin resisted the hot ashes completely.
They could hear the goblins approach and screech on the other side of the barn, the way they came through blocked by ruin.
Walking past the bathhouse, seeing the ruins and rubble, Akasha spotted something with his sharp cat eyes.

“Dragons scales. Seems like there is a cave nearby…”

And sure enough, there was the entrance to the cave hidden just behind one of the fallen pillars of the bathhouse.

“Perhaps the dragon has the stone? We will have to return here and check.” Said Alexander.

“Right now, we should return into the treeline, regain our strength. We can’t do much right now after such an eventful day, let alone fight if the dragon is in a flushed mood.” Replied Rai, his arms sore, Akasha’s healing wasn’t enough to heal all the lacerations and stem the ash filled blood that ran alongside his eyebrow.

“I coul’ do with more drink righ’ ‘bout now” said Yump, his face mostly black and white with ash.

Safe, for the time being, they retreated to the forest.
Getting there, exhausted, they set up camp and rested for the night.
During the day, they planned to send Crash and Fiddles to infiltrate the town and cave during the cover of darkness.

“If you wake the dragon, flee.”
“You two alone would not be able to face a being such as a dragon alone.” Warned Rai and Alexander.

“So what? We sneak into the cave and cast the spell?” asked Fiddles as Yump handed him the last scroll.

“Not in the cave ye buffoons, magic tend to be bright and shine, do it outside will ya?” said Yump, the ash cleaned off his face, but his face taut.

“Maybe I should escort you?” offered Melara.

“We don’t want to be weighed down even more then we are” Fiddles threw back.

The day went by slowly; Rai had gone deeper into the forest with Akasha to find some ingredients for a stew, Fiddles and Yump slept, Crash and Alexander kept watch, studying the quirky movements of the Goblin search parties, Melara snuck over and took a curious look at the Dragonborn’s leather-bound book he carried and wrote in, Traxex fashioned a few makeshift arrows for herself and crash, since they had left some embedded in goblins when they were in a rush to escape from the hoard.
Rai came back with a dear slung over his shoulder, Akasha’s sack filled with edible mushrooms and sweet smelling leaves and moss.

“Hey! Can I get some help skinning this potential stew ingredient?” Asked Rai.

“Sure, I’ve already grown bored” said Traxex

dropping the books stealthily, Melara sneaked away from Rai’s makeshift tent and around the tree it was, then walking towards them from behind Rai’s back, said “I’ll help, it’s the least I could do.”

As the light settled, and the smell of boiling stew arose, so did Yump and Fiddles awake.
Sitting around the campfire, they felt their camaraderie grow. So too do mercenaries and misfits have friends, and they were starting to think they found a group of close friends, their own.
Around the campfire they joked and told stories, sharing past experiences. The joy in Yump’s face when Melara offered some of the whiskey she salvaged was worth the flaming burp that erupted from Yump and the joke that he was more Dragonborn then Rai.

After the stew, which there was still plenty more leftover, Crash and Fiddles set their way towards the cave.
Rai went back to his tent, and taking out a small flask of wine, poured over his books.
Yump stayed by the campfire to talk to Melara and Traxex over the leftovers, while Alexander stared out after the pair that left.

As they approached the village, they saw torches and the hooded green hands that held them, they stayed under the cover of the night well enough, Fiddles’ black cloak billowing like the shadows that contained them.
They ran across the road, the small pack of goblins not even noticing over the sound of their own footsteps.
They looked at each other, knowing they were friends only because they were both insane to the same level, but only Fiddles chose to express his quirkiness, Crash on the other hand, biding his time.
‘’Alright?’’ Crash asked, looking away.
‘’just dandy’’ Fiddles smirked,
‘’what were you talking to Alexander about?’’
‘’ that does not matter to the likes of you’’
And so the rift began.

It was felt at camp, the late nights Rai and Crash spent talking or just helping each other, Traxex and Melara not knowing or choosing to not know, Alexander, Yump, Fiddles ,Qin sticking together for unknown reasons. Or at least this is what Crash felt was happening.

They reached the cave without much of a hitch, and Crash whispered to Fiddles that he would keep watch as he cast the scroll.
Climbing onto the pillar, his sharp eyes well accustomed to the dark, he watched the flickering lights that came and went, never exactly coming close.

Fiddles crept into the cave, much against Yump’s suggestion, and putting his cloak around he huddled the scroll and read its words.
Springing into life, the blue glowed and pulsed in time with Fiddle’s whispered words, he smirked as he thought this is how mages feel when they cast a ball of fire at their foe.
Suddenly, the glow streaked out, flaring deeper into the cave. It came to a rest not too far ahead of him. And for what seemed like a lifetime, everything was graveyard silent.

“WHO ARE YOU?” Boomed a voice, the snarl that proceeded it gave it away as the dragon. The flare had awakened it.
“And this is why I don’t like magic” thought Fiddles.

“My name is fiddles”

“why are you in a goblin infested town?”

“I came seeking gold” he bluffed.

“Gold seekers, they’re everywhere”-muttered the dragon.“You are a strange one if you’re looking for riches in Gorizbad. The little savages have plucked it clean unless you’re willing to venture into the Kiris Manor, and by the looks of you, that will spell your doom.”

“I have some friends with me, one of them pays me to kill goblins.”

“Also you’re motivated by greed, slaying of evil is a noble goal, whatever your cause may be. Go in peace now, least you attract the hordes to my lair.”

Walking out of the cave, slightly perturbed, he tapped Crashes shoulder.
A chill ran down Crash’s back, and he nodded.
They went back to camp, sliding amongst the shadows easily.

Everyone was awake when they walked into camp, their faces turning slowly turning taut from a smile.
They reported what happened to Alexander.

“We should go retrieve the stone then, we can’t just leave it there” he replied

“and what will happen to fiddles if he comes back? The dragon will be furious” replied Yump

“It didn’t kill him there, it seems reasonable. We should explain we want to destroy it, he’ll like that, and if we say we want to kill the goblin leader then it might even help us.”

The party followed Crash and Fiddles, staying close to them since they knew the flow of the shadows and stealth. Alexander and Fiddles studied the goblin’s movements, and with a minute window opening, rushed across the roads, stopping for no reason. It didn’t take long at all to get there.

“I shall walk in first, Walk behind me” Said Alexander as Rai came up and put his hand on his shoulder.

“We do it together, or we don’t do it at all.” Said Rai as Melara turned on the mage light to bobble above their heads.
Walking in step with him, Yump, Alexander and Rai all took their first steps into the lair, a bulwark of safety for their companions.

Again… I don’t remember this. Please ADVISE!

As they left the cave feeling euphoric , finally something had gone as they planned, they realized that they had left their mage light bobbling over Alexander’s head.
Realizing how close the Goblins were, and how bright the light was, Melara quickly snuffed it. But not fast enough.

With a blink, it was gone, but they knew that although the goblins wouldn’t dare come near the dragon’s cave, they would surround it and eventually they would be cut off.

“We hav’ ta hurry, this is not good” Said Yump.

“This way! We must get back to camp first and pick up our backpacks. Then to the Witch we should hurry to…”

“I don’ trust the Hag” replied Yump as they started sprinting in the direction of the camp.
As they turned the corner, they ran into a wave of Goblins, their eyes wide with hungry, blood lusty eyes, glazed over with madness and anger.

“Shut your eyes!” yelled Alexander.
Melara quickly whispered a curse, and the torches snuffed out their flames, but raising his sword, Alexander Cried out a prayer to his god, and a blinding light erupted from his blade, the light of a thousand suns burning away at the wide eyed greenskins.
Falling over completely blind, the party started to run away, spots crossing their eyes.
Rai picked up Melara and put her on his back, she was too focused on snuffing lights to close her eyes to Alex’s blinding glare.

They reached camp, and Rushing, they cleaned after themselves and covered their tracks.

They had lighted a ten kilometre area as if it was day, they had alerted everyone to something, though they could not be sure what.
They had also left the blinded Goblins alone, and they had probably already reported their sightings with mad fervour.
Still rushing, they managed to get back onto the main road and slowed down. It wasn’t too far to the tower now, about a few hours walk, and it would be dawn soon.

They made it to the tower without much trouble, Daylight shining through the trees…
and the tower in sight, Fiddles, Yump and Akasha stopped.

“We’re not going to give the stone to that old woman are we?” asked Akasha.

“I don’t think we should, she probably asks everyone who comes by to help her, sending them to their doom, and she probably wants to destroy the stone…” added Fiddles.

“I agree, I don’t have complete confidence in her” said the Dragonborn.

“What do you suggest” Asked Alexander.

“This?” suggested Melara, Holding the slaying stone in her soft fragile hands as if it weighed nothing.

Surprised, Alex quickly rummaged through his clothing, and taking out the slaying stone, quickly looked at it, then back the one in his hands, and back again.

“Magic” snorted Akasha, while Melara smiled deviously.

“Ok, Yump, as my sword brother and closest friend, I’ll entrust the stone to you. Rai, Melara and I will enter the tower and give her the fake, and make sure she doesn’t try to copy it with her ritual.
Crash, Fiddles, sneak in through that window on the second floor, keep an eye on her.”

Wrapping the stone in a cloth and giving it to Yump, Rai and Melara set off towards the tower after Alexander, Crash and Fiddles taking a different path closer to the tower.
Knocking heavily on the door, Fiddles and Crash took that as the signal to climb the side into the window.

Well… Fuck it, Archie, I’m lazy and I don’t remember this conversation, something about npeople dying and that’s all I remember. You or someone else write the Dialog, just remember to put it in italics…

As she walked up the stairs, the stone in hand and the three others behind her, Crash froze. Hearing the footsteps nearing, Fiddles saw what was happening, and grabbing Crash’s collar, threw himself backwards through the window they only seconds before climbed through.
They fled the scene just in time as Treona reached the top of the stairs and looked at the open window.

“Odd, I didn’t leave that window open. I must be forgetting things, my poor mind.” She mused to herself.

“I’ll close it, you two go ahead” said Alexander, and as they left, he waved a thumbs up at Crash and Fiddles, who receded to the treeline.


As the night came, the magical runes drawn in ecstasy on the floor, both Rai and Melara recognized some symbols, but not enough to see what their function was.
It was going to do something with wind elementals. That’s all they could figure out.

As the time came, Treona asked “please darling, hand me the stone. It’s time to rid the world of its evil.”

Hesitantly at first, Melara smiled and handed over the stone.
placing it in the middle of the circular tower with old grace and uncanny precision, she started chanting words as she walked beside the Symbols, tapping each one, infusing it with magic and bringing it to life.

As she completed her circle, Lightning arced and raised the stone rose from the floor.
Concentrating hard, Melara kept the stone in focus as hard as she could.
But, with a Flash, the stone was shattered, and Melara stumbled backwards from the backlash, the lightning that held the stone in place now Showering all over the room.

“What have you done! That wasn’t the stone! Was it? The elementals are angry! They used up all their power for something so easy to destroy!”

and with this, Gusts of wind and dust appeared, and obviously angry, fell upon the helpless five…


finshed the last, starting on this one. i’ll only do Wind and Stones after we do the quest. so, yeah, no duh.

The wolves and the fire.

Well you did it! You have fucking outdone yourself! Best adventure log of them all. Keep it up, I am in awe of your storytelling.

The wolves and the fire.

I did mention at the start that over time i’ll get better, so thanks.

i still need to remember the dialog, but it’s hard to remember most of it when half of it is in character and other half of it isn’t

starting next post on monday, should be up by wednesday or thereabouts.

The wolves and the fire.

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