The beginning of this warrior’s story is not his own, at least, not entirely.

In the early days of the Nerath Empire, when the first kings unified the land, lived a trickster named Lan. A man who’s cunning was matched only by his mischief, the taverns sang of a man who always got the gold and the girl, while his victims cried for mercy and protection.
Alas, as with all legends, ego and ambition led to bigger and grander schemes until his coveted the greatest prize of all, the wealth of the king. Despite all his cleverness, the arm of the law was long even in those early days, and he soon stared at the king under the weight of chains.

Legends never waste away in silence, especially in the dark of a dungeon, and Lan was made an offer. “Your reputation speaks of amazing abillities. They could be put to better use though”
The kings ultimatum rang in his ears, “You are hereby exiled from my land, and will be offered no protection by law or from the people by punishment of death. You may only be absolved when you bring me items of wonder and power. This is my judgement, So it shall be.”


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