weapon (melee)

You have a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.


Elf. The item is half the normal weight. It is adorned with symbols of nature: leaves, vines, stars, and the like .

Heroic. A great hero once wielded this item. Anyone who’s familiar with the item ’s history expects great deeds from the new owner.

War Leader. The bearer can use an action to cause his or her voice to carry clearly for up to 300 feet until the end of the bearer’s next turn.

Painful. The bearer experiences a harmless flash of pain when using the item.

The old baron regaled you with the history of a noble elven general, Gal-gilad who wielded this blade in times past and used it to inspire troops before the battle.
He also told you, in a much more hushed tone, how the hero fell to the swing of a dark lord and how all who take up the sword feel a remnant of his dying pain.


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