Nentir vale

Shrine of the Moon

Rai Spent the night Flicking through a few old books he found amongst the bookshelves, flicking through thick new paper as Crash sat beside him, Carving arrows from the broken tables and shelves, watching him.

As morning drew, Rai felt renewed, as though he slept, and as the sunlight came meekly through the cloth-covered windows, he realized that the pages of the book he was holding was old and very worn.

He closed it, and looked at the cover. The book was bound by new leather, but the pages were extremely old and weathered.
Red leather, he noticed.
He asked Crash to check and see if any of the other books had an old worn cover as the rest of the party started rising from their sleep.
Fiddles walked by, sack in one hand, the goblin’s book in the other.

“Fiddles? May I see that book?” he asked.

“I was going to use it as toilet paper, so unless you want to replace it let me do my business”

“just pass me the cover at least”

he threw the leather goblin-skin cover to the ground, and sneaked off into the tunnel they came from.
Rai replaced the cover, while Akasha looked at Rai’s broken legs.
Crash handed Akasha two shelves from one of the bookshelves to use as a splinter, as Akasha changed the bandages, and added a fresh dressing, tying the splinters extremely tightly together.

“you should be able to walk, but don’t try charging at anyone for a few days at least, and next time don’t withhold information, valuable or not” smiled Akasha.
As he walked back to his bed and bag, Alexander woke up beside him, stood up and kicked the dwarf awake.

“Friends, we should continue our quest together lest it falls into evil’s grubby hands, wait, where is Fiddles?” he says, looking around.
Fiddles walks through the hidden doors, startling the drowsy dwarf who just woke up.
Yump jumps up and brandishes his axe at Fiddles.

“Calm down young companion, he is our brethren in this quest and we must get going. The sun is rising and we only have a small amount of time until the goblins wake up and start running around.”

“Young? I’m old enough to be your grandmother!”

“Sometimes I question your gender dwarf” says Fiddles as he walks past the Axe blade.

“It’s the beards” says Akasha laughing, Crash chuckling alongside him as he placed his unfinished arrows into the quiver.

“This book is the one Treona mentioned” says Rai flicking through the pages
“it says there are nine stones and they were held in the chapel, we should try there next”

After a quick pack up, Akasha helping Rai gather his backpack, they head off, Alexander spearheading the group.
As soon as they walk through the door, he feels the press of sharp steel aim for his temples.

“Oh, you’re not a goblin” whispered the stranger in a sultry female voice, point elf ears stemming from the hood.

“Put that down young woman, there are six of us and you seem to be all alone” replied the paladin, outside light reflecting off his armour into her hood.

“Do eet or I’ll break your skinny little legs lass” replied the dwarf, Rai’s chuckling heard clearly from behind.

“Young? I’m old enough to be your mother” she replied, putting the arrow back into her quiver.
Before she even finished that action Fiddles jumps on her, daggers ever ready to slide between ribs.
She steps back, her movements as sultry as her voice, and Alexander steps in front of Narr.

“Stop it fiddle, ever hear the saying ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend?”

“The enemy can be the enemy of any of my enemies, I still won’t trust them” replies the dwarf for Fiddle, voicing most of the parties doubts. They only knew each other for a day but they trusted each other more than this new stranger.

“My name is Traxex, I’m here to kill a goblin for my employer, not some people in handsome armour pretending to be some kinds of heroes.” She said, smile on her lips.

“Well then, go find your goblin, we’ll go find our chapel” said Akasha politely

The Party head into the courtyard, the morning light giving everything a rusty, warm glow. They could see the temple’s spire ahead. But they couldn’t just walk straight towards it.
Running from the cover of house to house, one by one, or two by two, fiddles leading in the front clearing out the houses silently, every few hours the party would walk into the house he just cleared and see him splattered in fresh blood, but no bodies. Either he was considerate enough to clear the bodies or he did what he did with the wolf head.


Crash’s ears kept tingling, hearing light footsteps and the creek of stretched leather, catching a glimpse of the elf following. He nodded at Akasha.

“We’re being followed by the elf, what do you think she wants?” announces Akasha.

“I’m not too sure; Yump was right, we shouldn’t drop our guard.” Says alexander as Fiddles comes back from the roof, nothing but a courtyard separating them from the temple.

“We’re nearly there” says Fiddles

“Are you ok Rai? Do you sense any magic?” asks Alexander, his leadership assorted by the fact he takes care and commands the party.

“I can’t feel anything, I’m not a full mage anymore so I’d need to be pretty close to sense it”

Crash’s eyebrow goes up questioningly.

“You were a full mage?” he asks quietly as the rest of the party planned on running to the temple.

“Long story”bhe replied, shutting up.

“Let’s wait here for an hour, till evening, there’s too many goblins to run past here, especially with an injured brethren amidst us” announced Alexander

“why don’t I slit his throat so we can move on? I could sneak into the temple easily.” Boasted Fiddle, who was met with angry glares and Alexander’s hand raised to strike.


They sneaked by slowly, the sun as red and rusty as the morning, the air eerily silent, no birds chirping here.
They navigated the rubble at the entrance, seeing inside but not being able to get in through the shut portcullis to the temple.
Crash whistles lightly from the side, he found an open side door in.
they file into the corridor, the fading light only dimly lighting it. It was short though, and they came out onto the other side just as they wanted.
But something didn’t seem right.
Akasha and Crash’s ears could hear a light rasp of material against stone echo inside the open topped temple; Yump sensed two pairs of eyes on him.
With only slight nods at each other, Yump nudged Fiddle’s leg subtly with the hilt of his axe an motioned his eyes in the direction of the statue.
Fiddle, his attention suddenly focused on the small material of black cloak just barely visible from behind the statue.
He slipped out of line of sight, while Alex nodded and proceeded forward towards the fountain in the middle. They were a distraction.

Suddenly he felt an arrow head to his temples, the second time today.
‘By Pelor, I should invest in a Helmet’ he thought as he turned to face the small man in the cloak.
He saw Fiddles emerge from the Shadow and press his own arrowhead to the back of the little man’s neck, who turned ghostly white.

“Who are you?” he asks in a Raspy voice.

“We’re Travellers sent to find a stone for…a friend” answered Alexander cautiously

“Do you know Alkirk?” he asks slyly, eyes narrowing.

“We’ve met, yes” Said Alexander, his hand on his sword, Fiddle’s finger tightening against the trigger.

“Do you’ve met the traitor, he left me to rot here when the goblins invaded, I’ve had live here for years, dodging goblins, unable to leave. Reduced to sneaking, like a rat caught in a trap”

Before anymore could be said, the patter of many small feet interrupt the silence of the serene Temple.
Goblins appear through the other side of the portcullis, the tallest one holding a silvered Dagger.

“Kill the Rat man” yells the Goblin Leader, his Eyes instantly focused on the tiny human.
He notices the rest of the party, and then repeats “Kill ALL rat mans!”
From the corridor they came from Traxex Appears, hidden from view, and shoots her bow through the bars, fellin1g a goblin with an arrow Straight into the eye.
“BLOCK THE DOOR” yells Fiddles, even though the door behind them was barred, and a portcullis was down.

Traxex runs into the party, trying to hide beside the small man and fiddle behind the pillars.

Fiddles tries to get to an vantage point by climbing on top of the statue, But his fingers slip and he falls onto the ground with an extremely loud thud.

“There’s more behind the door!” yells Crash; realizing most of the thud came from large barred doors on the other side of the temple.

Akasha’s Panther suddenly fades, becoming see-through, and charges towards the barred door, swiping blindly through the door, it’s ghostlike hand sliding into it and past the physical wood, a dying scream heard through the door.

“They have some sort of battering ram!” says Akasha sensing what his spirit Panther saw.

Hoyt, the little man, screams.
He falls and Starts convulsing on the floor, Fur suddenly growing over his face.

“So that’s why they called him a rat man” says alexander pulling his sword and charging towards the corridor to stem the scrabbling Goblin group.
Turning into a were-rat, Hoyt tries to charge at the rogue on the floor, only slightly hurting him, the rat’s paw stepping onto Fiddle’s arm. Rai steps in and distracts Hoyt, pressing his attack and backing off, pulling the mindless Giant Rat away from fiddles.

Yump leaps up and brings down his large axe on the were-rat, who reacts to the rattle of chainmail, taking a small step to the side, but the axe still struck true, cutting through the huge shaggy fur and wounding the rat. Adrenaline rushing through his veins, Yump followed up with more swings.
Yelping in pain, Hoyt tries to move out of the range of the blades.

Traxex shoots two arrows, missing both spectacularly, a huge disprovement to his first shot.

Managing to find an opening, The Were-rat runs past both warriors and jumps straight on Crash, who managed to launch one arrow into the rat’s neck, but the momentum of the charge brought him straight to the floor as the tiny claws dug into him.
Rai tries to follow, the pain in his legs searing, but fails to attract the Rat’s attention with his swords.

“Ow! The pain! My arm is crushed! Somebody help!” yells Fiddles, overreacts to his slight wounds as Crash lay bleeding heavily, arms still trying flailing and punching the rat like beast.

Akasha reaches into his bag and takes out a small spear, barely larger than a twig, wrapped in red and white Ribbons and a small purple feather.
His spirit Panther completely disappears behind the door, leaving only dying goblin screams to acknowledge his existence.

Yump throws himself against the rat, knocking it off Crash and embedding the axe against the rat’s sternum, while Akasha hurled the spear into the fountain.
Rai felt the magic emanate from the fountain, his wounds surging with warmth.
Crash’s wounds knit themselves up as an aura of warmth emanated outwards.
Yump, panting, kicked the rat with his metal boot, lurching the axe out with a gush of blood, his own blood boiling with fury and adrenaline.

Alexander struck valiantly against the goblins who just found the door to the corridor, hitting with incredible accuracy in the dim light, felling the one rushing past his leader.

On the other side of the door, the Panther splits itself in half, A ghostly Image of jagged teeth appearing only briefly as it caught two goblins in-between the spilt images, crushing two goblins together till their dying screams mingled. Sensing the fear, it advanced, intimidating the others and bringing Akasha to a smile as he tasted victory on that end.

Hoyt’s sternum stops bleeding profusely, and he stand up again, this time no trace of human qualities remaining.
Taken by Surprise, Yump is bitten by the leaping rat.
Kicking it off himself, but closer towards Crash, he ran towards it as it suddenly tried to scurry away with fear.
Whacking it’s snout against the side of his axe, he stopped it from moving as pain seared through the rat’s body.

The Goblin leader thrusts his silver dagger, it bouncing off the plates of his armour, leaving only a nick, while another goblin falls dead behind him, smite by a giant fist that appeared from just above.
With a quick prayer of thanks to his god, he swung his sword at the unbalanced goblin.
Slashing the goblin’s head right off, falling and rolling in front of his feet, Alexander could also taste the divine taste of victory.
Hearing the clash of battle still raging beyond the corridor, Alexander hurried back.

As Fiddle lay on the floor, rolling in pain and yelling, Rai’s attacks were slamming into the were rat, distracting it long enough for Yump to jump onto its back.
Yump used threw his large axe around and grabbed the other side, choking the rat as it jumped around like a Rodeo.

As Alex rushed through the door, he saw the Rat fall down unconscious, choke out of breath, while Akasha sat leaned over Crash, his hands nimbly working on bandaging Crash’s semi-conscious aching body.
Turning back into a human, Alexander recognises Hoyt’s cloak has his god’s Sigel on it, and feeling it would suite himself then a filthy non-believer rat, took it for himself, replacing his own slightly tattered cloak.
As he put it on, he feels a surge of divine power and a sudden awareness. He sees Fiddles get up with a scowl, holding his arm and approaching Hoyt with Murder in his eyes.

“it’s over” he says, stopping Fiddle from taking Hoyt’s head as another trophy as Traxex came out of the shadows with a rope in hand, tying up the Rat man.

Taking the wolf head out of his ruck sack and slipping it onto his hand, he approached the elf.

“Who are you? And why did you follow us? Did you send those goblins after us?” he interrogates using the wolf head.

“I’m here looking after Grumsick for my employer, I followed you thinking it would be safer.” She replies calmly, wincing at Fiddle’s sickening act.

“What stops us from killing you?”

“calm your Blades, we’re all friends here” commands Alexander.

“Fellas! we were spotted by goblins, some of who ran away, they’ll come back soon with reinforcements, and they know these ruins better than us, so let’s get a move on” Pants out the Dwarf

“I agree, let’s move” said Rai as he helped Crash climb onto his Large cat

The party head to leave through the barred back doors, Yump smashing through the bars with a single swing of his axe.
Traxex follows them to the door.
Rai turns around, scaring Traxex to a standstill.

“Why do you want to follow us” asks Rai, his nostrils sparking with lightning.

“I’ve been stuck in this town for two months all alone; I thought it would be nice to have company that doesn’t smell like goblin.” She replies meekly, looking down.

“Why didn’t you say so from the start?” Replies Alexander, “we can always use an extra hand looking for our stone, and if your own quest is holy enough we might even help you find your grumpyskip”

“Grumsick” she replies, giggling.

“And before you break my knees again, the stone hasn’t been here for a long time, I sense nothing” replied Rai.

“Don’t you sense Saharine’s Divine presence?” asked alexander Anthos.

“Divinity and Arcana don’t mix. I thought they taught you that” Replied Akasha walking alongside his panther and Crash’s.

Finding an abandoned house about an hour later as the sun set, they start a small fire, eating their rations slowly, wincing as the pains of battle stung them.
Wishing they had a pot and some warm stew.

Monsters and Manuals

Travel weary strangers chance upon each other on the road, their dark cloaks billowing in the razor wind, but quickly drenched in the storms downpour. Brought together by the storm, they press on as thunder rolls in the sky, followed by the howling of wolves.

The cloaked, hooded Dragonborn howled back, a long melancholy howl of a lone wolf.
Sticking close together to keep warm and avoid as much rain, the travellers see a bright lantern hanging off a tower just a few scores of steps away, it’s warm glow flickering, the creaking as it swings on it’s hinge.

They quicken their pace, and just as they near the tower, five starving wolfs jump out of the bushes, mad and hungry for flesh, attracted by the Dragonborn’s earlier howl, what they perhaps thought was a weak loner, and easy prey.
Three merchants panic, the hoods flying off as they’ve fled the hungry jaws, but the remaining six weary travellers straightened their storm wrecked backs and took a step forward.
The wolves’ charge, one biting the Paladin’s armoured shins, gnawing on the toughened leather.
He deftly swings his long sword, embedding it deep into the wolves neck, and dislodging the jaw from his plate armour.
Another wolf pounced upon the dwarf angrily, who dug his large dwarven feet into the ground for stability, and cleaved off the wolf’s head with his executioner axe, getting it stuck in the skull, while pale bluish-brown Dragonborn stabbed the paw of a wolf charging at a cloth covered Razorclaw, twirling the short sword in his left hand around to slice the wolf’s empty stomach, his leather armour as shiny as his glinting chainmail links, Roaring Lightning just as sparkly from his mouth and singing the wolf’s fur. The Razorclaw didn’t flinch, while the fellow Razorclaw behind him swiftly shot two arrows in quick succession at another wolf, hitting his mark with eerie accuracy.
Fiddles, a human fitted with sturdy leather armour, charged the last wolf as it growled angrily at the party.
The Dragonborn, hearing the low growl through the heavy patter of the rain, bull charged the wolf, punching the wolf’s head up, nicking it with the edge of the blade, and kicking it down with great force.
Fiddles lithely jumps by him and brings his daggers down on the helpless wolf, slicing through his neck in one fell swoop.
Taking the head and holding it high, blood and rain trickling down his arm.
Lightning struck again, perhaps signalling the end of battle.

Akasha, the Razorclaw that the Dragonborn had saved, politely asked Fiddles to borrow a dagger, his long razor claw ears twitching in the heavy rain while the dwarf planted his foot squarely on his slain wolfs head and drew the axe out, brain juice dripping.

Fiddles throws a dagger to Akasha without question him, but muttering something silently which Akasha thought was a threat, or a request for his dagger back. Probably both.

They run towards the tower, while Crash and Akasha stay back. Crash stays back to retrieve his arrows from the wolf, and seeing his fellow Razorclaw start skinning a wolf, decides to take him out of the rain faster by helping him skin the wolves, using his sharp metal arrow head.

They knock the door to the tower, and an elderly woman walks out to greet them.
She ushers them in, and leaves the door slightly ajar so the two Razorclaws could enter.
She leads them through the short corridor and sits them down to the table, where the paladin, Alexander Anthos, recognises it to be an old inn which became disused.
She introduces herself as Treona, and compliments them on their ability to fend for themselves, and as the party thanks her for her hospitality, she asks for a favour.

“I am an elderly lady and alone, I cannot do even half of what you young’uns do. I want to retrieve an ancient artefact, the slayer stone, a dangerous weapon, and I want to destroy it. It lies in the city hall of a goblin infested town. I have seen you fight and I believe that you can retrieve it for me.
She says.

“What is in it for me?”
Says Fiddles gruffly in his deep voice.

“Hmmm? You aren’t a group of adventurers? Well you should stop being lonely travellers, at least to help me rid the world of this evil stone.”

She replies; feign surprise showing in her voice, as if she knew that they only coincidently met today.
The travellers pick up on this, and feel slightly uneasy.

“Alkirk and I need competent risk-takers to recover this stone”
At mention of his name, a burly man walks in dressed in rich blue clothing, and Treona gestures at him.

“Alkirk is the last heir in the Kiris line, the rulers of the fallen town of Kiris Dahn. We and the other citizens were forced to abandon Kiris Dahn when an overwhelming goblin invasion came from the east”
She sighs wistfully and looks at him

Alkirk speaks up for her
“The Kiris line had a Large supply of powerful relics farmed by their ancestors, powerful items that used magic to kill the town’s greatest enemies. But we exhausted its supply of slaying stones. The town used eight of them during my life there, and all had been spent to destroy various threats, before the goblins even came.”

“The goblins came in great numbers, and there was no stone to frighten them off, but I’ve been reading some of the obscure texts we’ve found and bought off traders crossing this road, and they point to the fact that there were nine slayer stones when Alkirk was born, not eight.
I want you to find and retrieve the remaining stone so that I can destroy it using a ritual I’ve been devising.”
Finished Treona.

“Is there any alcohol?”
Asked the dwarf
“Alkirk, can you be a dear and bring the last barrel of light cider?”

Slowly, she walks over to the table Alkirk was standing beside, sits down and starts to eat quietly while Alkirk walked through a door semi hidden by cobwebs.

The paladin stood up.
“My name is Alexander Anthos my fair friends; I serve the might of pellore, and this here dwarf is my stalwart companion Yump, the dwarf. He’s a dwarf you know.”
said the paladin introducing himself in his calm, yet booming voice.
Alkirk then came in with a barrel hoisted on his shoulders and held steady with his brawny hands, then placed it with a bang, shaking the ancient oak table.
Before the trembling even stopped, Yump poured everyone a mug of cold cider, and promptly downed them all himself. He then turned the tap away from the table and turned it on, lying under it and drinking what was left of the barrel in true dwarven fashion.
Fiddles held up the wolf head he severed, the blood already pumped out of the veins, and then sticking his hand in through the neck, puppeted it.

“This is Fiddles, a dear old friend of mine, we met when a storm came out, and I instantly fell in prey for him, head over heels, since he severed my head”
said the wolf head, the glazed eyes glaring menacingly at the others.

“my name is Akasha, I am a shaman, not a fighter, I’m sorry I did not help you fight the wolves, but I hold all life in high regard. I was going to suggest we throw some food out for them, so they would leave us alone, yet you brandished your weapons too quickly. And sorry it took me a while to come back, I was skinning the bodies. As they say, waste not, want not”
Said the Razorclaw, slowly chewing his food with his sharp teeth as he swirled the sweet smelling cider in his hand.
The other Razorclaw sat quietly, eyeing the rest, while the Dragonborn sat across from him, with the cider in one hand and a quill in the other, scribbling furiously as the party talked.

“I didn’t take you as a mage”
“neither did I, you seem to throw yourself into battle without a thought, rather then throw a ball of fire”
said Fiddle and Alexander.

“I’m not a mage; I merely studied arcana with my mentors in my clan. I am actually a mercenary, I was contracted to fight in the rune wars being held in the Far East, and I was just on my way when this storm struck”

“what’s your name?”
Asked Akasha curiously.

“Rai, Rai Ghkar”

“name sounds familiar”
Said the other Razorclaw.

“You look familiar, what’s your name?”
Replied Rai, staring intently, while the rest conversed with each other.

“Call me Crash, pleased to meet you”

Crash sat quietly and ate his dinner, his dark eyes darting around the room, covered from prying eyes by his dark brown hair.

As the night grew late, the people started setting up their blankets around the floor, as Rai stayed awake, scripting late into the night as he kept watch.

The party set out in the morning feeling refreshed, given the directions of the town and a few scrolls with a ritual to detect where the Slayer stone was being held.

“Be careful, there’s Goblins scattered everywhere around the town and surrounding lands”
she warned as they ventured forth

“Is there a forest nearby? We can navigate it and sneak in” said Fiddles, eager for bloodshed as long as it wasn’t his own.

“Yes, it’s on the east side of town, go around and keep south of the farmlands”

after three hours’ worth of walking, they stumbled upon the forest they sought, seeing the farmlands in the distance up north, but it was much much thicker then they had expected. It was going to be one big problem to navigate.

“stay behind me, as a shaman I’ve learned how to find my way around nature, but stay quiet” said Akasha as he broke some of the foliage off and stuck it on the cloaks of his members and himself.

“sneaking around with camouflage? I like your thinking. Are you sure we won’t encounter dire bears though? This place reeks of their droppings” replied Fiddles, slightly impressed.

“how would you know how they smell?” asked Rai

“I once had to sneak around and pick pocket nobles as they went to a dire bear circus. Their eyes are fixed on the trained bear too much to notice when their gold sacks go missing” he replied with a sly grin “the stench was horrible, but it was worth creeping around the shit droppings for three days to earn about four hundred gold pieces. I left town before the circus moved on, when I met you. The smell is fresh in my mind” he cringed.

“I said stick behind me!” yelled the shaman from the forest.

the party got a little lost as they entered, trying to find where Akasha went, but after a few minutes stumbling around for his voice, they found him standing beside a large tree trunk at the edge of a river.

“we need to cross the river to get into the town, but the current is too fast to swim across”
Said Akasha as they neared him.

“Why don’ we just chop down the tree and make a bridge?”
replied the dwarf, hoisting his axe and bringing it down on the trunk.
Rai and Alexander joined in to help, only broducing loud clashes as their swords berely took out chunks of the bark.
from the distance they heard the high pitched screeching of goblins, and ducked down.

“Stand back and let me handle it, you and your measly weapons do nothing but cause a ruckus. We want to sneak in right?” gruffly panted the dwarf.
after an hour of silent chopping, a feat only Dwarfs well accustomed to mining in echo causing mines, can achieve.

As the tree fell down with a dull thud, the party ventured across.
They heard the screechy talk of goblins approaching to check the noise, and ran into a nearby house.
As they hid inside, they heard the goblins walk by, one excitedly yelling at his friends he saw something bushy scurry into the area.

“You’re seeing trees walking again aren’t you” laughed another goblin
“you should stop smoking the library books, they’re doing a number to your mind” said yet another.

The party sighed relief, and thanked Akasha for the camouflage, while the dwarf moved a carpet in the other side of the room.

“There’s a hidden door here, it seems to go off in the direction of the library” said the dwarf.
“You have good tunnel-sense you know dwarf? Why did you ever leave the mines? I always thought you dwarves hated the fresh air and sunlight” huffed the Dragonborn.

With a distasteful grunt, the dwarf jumped inside, the party following, remembering that Treona said that the slayer stone may be hidden in one of three places, the library being one of them.
They wandered through the dark, Fiddles leading in the front to detect any traps, while Rai led from behind, his eyesight accustomed to the dim light.
With a hush, Fiddles stopped everyone.

“There’s a hidden door here, and I can hear them pesky goblins on the other side of the door.”

“Then let’s rush them” said Rai, pushing his way to the front.

Fiddles opened the door slightly, and aimed his poisoned crossbow through the crack.
“1…” he counted, watching as the goblin he aimed at, dressed in robes, ripped a page out of one of the library books, and burned it in his hand with a green flame.
and shot, his arrow hitting the goblin’s shoulder, the page gone in a puff of smoke.
Rai Charged in, knocking a table full of alchemical devices to the floor, and let loose a chain of lightning from his mouth, goblins falling down unexpectedly from the surge of power.
The paladin came next, tripping as his armoured feet slipped on the noxious gasses and liquids spilled on the floor, and thus missing his blow against the robed goblin spell caster.
The dwarf came in next, a sprinting blur as he jumped over the knocked over table and landing in front of the caster goblin.
his axe missed as the goblin moved to the side, and instead buried itself into another table, smashing it in half.
still in shock, they couldn’t react fast enough, for Crash shot two arrows at two goblins, felling them, as Fiddle followed the dwarf, jumping over the table and using the dwarf to somersault over him, daggers held high, landing in front of the goblin, but missing him with his attack, but eying his leather satchel.
Rai came around and picked up the goblin in his strong arms, but not before the goblin could mutter a few words singed with green fire, summoning a blue ooze.

the ooze attacked alexander, Yump and Fiddle, eating through their armour.
the goblin struggled free, and tried to make a getaway as the others were distracted, but rai quickly stepped after him, and grabbing him by the neck, picking him up and smashing his head against the broken table, dazing him and holding him tight.
the rogue hopped onto the table to get away from the ooze, and quickly taking out rope with his nimble fingers, tried to bind the goblin just in case.
The rest smashed their weapons into the floor, smooshing the ooze to death. If it was ever alive to begin with.

They overpowered the goblin and bound him, gagging him in case he started to cast more green flamed spells.
Fiddles took the sack e eyed earlier, and fetched the green skin bound book inside.
Looking queerly at the goblin, the took off the gag and asked him what the book was for.

“I have a magical talent most other goblins don’t I yearn to learn how to cast spells, but I cannot tap into the power. By ripping spells out of arcane books, and burning them into that book there, I can use them to power bursts of magical potential, thus creating that blob that nearly got you”
said the goblin, his bruised face greedily eying his precious work once more as he slowly bled to death.
Just as he died, the dwarf noticed an alcove half hidden behind a bookself.
The Dragonborn came over to take a look as the rest went to hear the goblin’s dying breaths.
Alexander noticed Rai looking intently at the alcove.

“Let’s move on” Said Rai.

“why did you stare at the alcove? There’s nothing there, did you sense something?” asked the ever perceptive Paladin.
The dragon huffed hot air through his nose, a tiny threating spark fizzling out in front of the paladin’s face as Rai walked to the exit.

Brandishing their weapons, the party again asked Rai if he sensed something.

“it’s nothing too important, not as much as finding the Slayer stone.” He replied, taking his own weapons out.

Fiddle jumped at him, aggressive as ever.
Rai dodged easily, and struck back, hitting him squarely in the face with the flat end of his sword.
the party bore down on him with their weapons, even crash Chucking a single arrow at the dragon.
the arrow hit the side of Rai’s head, stunning him briefly, as the dwarf swung his axe at Rai’s knees.

bringing him down in pain, Alexander Yelled;
“We’ll never find out what he knows if we kill him” he said, taking out his bandages and taking out the arrow.
earning his trust, Rai told alexander that the alcove contained the slayer stone, and it was only recently moved.
“why didn’t you tell that to us at the start”
“It’s not important. The stone isn’t there now and we have to find it. Although with this injured knee I don’t think I can move” replied Rai.

“We shall rest here, wait till his leg feels better. Fiddle, cover up those window and start a fire” ordered Alexander

After the party shuffled around, moving the bookshelves to make enough room to lie down, Rai picked up the green skinned book and started reading it, while Fiddle started a fire, and the rest lay down to rest.
Crash stayed awake, keeping watch and keeping an eye on Rai. His distrust in others unspoken, yet barely hidden.

Thus the party rested, getting ready to continue their Quest tomorrow…


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