Nentir vale

Bringing Light to the Darkness

Servants of Darkness

Our coragious heros have collected the three vessels needed to perfom the ritual of cleansing, but the evil presence that has taken hold of the abbey has reared it’s ugly head to oppose them one last time.
  Unfased by the horrors swarming against them, the party made clever use of a magic circle spell, after the cleric has banished the undead abominations for a time, by chanelling the power of light ever-burning, the radiant sun god himself, Pelor.
  Brave adventurers fought tooth and nail agaist the wraiths and in the end prevailed, but at a terrible cost. Noble Cuccos has completed the ritual, sacrificing his very life to keep the darkness at bay.
  After the battle, Delinom split up from the group, along with Monty to explore the lich’s tower, now that it’s occupant has fled, being displaced by the consecration of the grounds.
Inside, the found what the wooden sword has been pointing to all along, a flesh golem homunculus that our killing machine has been tasked with destroying. After a brief but intense confrontation has cleaved the construct in twain with the sword made but for that one purpose. As the despicable creature fell, the sword whithered into nothingness, it’s mission complete and the warforged felt a load lift off it’s metal bound soul.
  Elsewhere, Alexander was giving the cleric his last rights, in preparation for ceremonial pyre, when the door leading to Hall of Glory opened and Sir Oakley emerged, restored to life by the miracle of Bahamut. He thanked the group for performing the tasked he asked of them and said that he shall set about restoring the Abbey to it’s former glory.
  With the party’s buisness in Gardmore complete, they returned to Winterhaven only to learn that the rival band of adventurer’s has set out towards the Abbey the previous day. Realising that they must’ve narrowly missed them in the wilderness (or have been purposefully avoided) the gang hurried back in the hopes of catching them. Alas they have arrived a moment too late, to find their adversaries standing over paladin’s corpse with the cards in their hands!



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